Eric Gordon On How The Rockets Have Improved This Season: ‘There’s No Improvement’

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The Houston Rockets dropped to 10-26 on the season with a dismal performance against the Knicks on Saturday night, closing out 2022 with a 108-88 loss.

While it was expected to be another year out of playoff contention for the young Rockets, the hope was to see some steps forward from the players they hope will make up their core of the future. Instead, they’ve continued to play inconsistent ball featuring a number of mistakes that Rockets fans (and the organization) hoped to see cleaned up over the course of the year. After the loss to the Knicks, one of the lone veterans on the roster, Eric Gordon, was asked what improvements he’s seen over the course of the season and he gave a very brief (and blunt) answer.

That’s not great! You don’t normally get this kind of brutal honesty from someone on the team, but Gordon is likely on his way out of Houston, as trade rumors swirl for the third straight season, so he has no reason to sugarcoat things right now. Compared to other teams in similar situations like the Magic and Thunder, the Rockets have felt fairly disappointing even considering low preseason expectations, and it seems Gordon is among those frustrated with the lack of progress shown by his young teammates. There’s still time for things to improve, but for now, there aren’t exactly great vibes in Houston going into 2023.


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