Elizabeth Olsen Laughed A Little Too Long About Danielle Haim’s Acting Skills And It Got A Little Weird

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Vanity Fair loves to stir up drama in their interviews by asking celebrities to take lie detector tests (which have been proven to be not accurate, right?) and then they get squirmy when asked about their fellow Hollywood peers. Elizbeth Olsen is the latest star to be put in the hot seat and things got weird!

The Multiverse Of Madness star was asked a series of questions about her career and life, including her friendship with Chris Evans (she awkwardly insisted they “don’t, like, hang out” anymore), and then was asked about Licorice Pizza after showing a photo of Danielle Haim, who had a small role in the film.

When asked, “Do you think you’re a better actor than her?” Olsen chuckled TOO hard, before saying, “Yeah. Sorry, Danielle. I hope she’d agree.” Olsen went on to say she “loved the film” and thought Haim was “great” in it, though she “didn’t have to do much.” The lie detector then found that she was lying.

“F*ck, man. Sorry, Danielle. You did great. I don’t know what’s happening. It’s so uncomfortable right now.” Olsen added before the interviewer moved on. Obviously, the internet took this and ran with it.

To be fair, Danielle was only in it for a brief cameo, while Alana Haim was the main star. Was Olsen confusing the two? Or did she not even see the movie? Olsen is used to being compared to her famous sisters, so perhaps she could relate? The whole thing is a hilarious mess. Check out the full clip above.

Source: https://uproxx.com/movies/elizabeth-olsen-danielle-haim-lie-detector-test/

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