Dua Lipa has a lot of fans, a fact evidenced, for example, by two recent chart feats: On the current Billboard Hot 100, “Levitating” became her longest-running song on the chart, and she helped Elton John get his first top-40 hit since 1999. Lipa has one fan in particular that she herself is a huge fans of: an 80-year-old grandfather.

The Lipa-loving octogenarian is the subject of a viral new TikTok video, which has quickly racked up over 3.1 million views as of this post. In the clip from a TikTok user named Kadie Bernstein, her grandfather is given an 80th birthday gift. As he reads the card and realizes he’s been gifted Lipa concert tickets, his jaw drops, his smile spreads, and he repeatedly exclaims, “Are you sh*tting me?!”

It’s a delightful video, and Lipa herself caught wind of it. She re-shared it on her Instagram Story yesterday and wrote, “OMG THIS MELTS MY HEART!!!,” followed by some heart emojis.


After that, Bernstein shared a video of her talking with her grandfather on FaceTime, telling him that Lipa posted about him. He was gleeful, saying with a laugh, “Five minutes of fame is the greatest thing to ever happen.” In another follow-up video, he responds to a comment from SiriusXM asking what his favorite Lipa song is. In the video, he says he has to think about it and doesn’t give an answer, but he’s quoted in the caption as saying, “My favorite dance song is ‘That kind of woman’ from Future Nostalgia. Then, I love ‘Boys will be Boys.’”

Check out all the videos above and below.


Reply to @siriusxm My favorite dance song is “That kind of woman” from Future Nostalgia. Then, I love “Boys will be Boys” -Papa Richy @dualipaofficial

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