Dr. Oz’s Failed Attempt At Clowning John Fetterman Has People Wondering If He Knows How Dictionaries Work

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A recent AARP poll found that Democratic Pennsylvania lieutenant governor John Fetterman is leading Republican Mehmet Oz by six points in their race for the state’s open Senate seat. Another survey, this one conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University, has Fetterman with a nine point lead over his Trump-backed rival. But if the race came down to who’s better at tweeting (an entirely possible scenario in the near future), Fetterman would already have been declared the winner.

[email protected],” Oz tweeted, along with an image of Fetterman’s name in the dictionary. “Noun 1. Bernie Sanders Socialist to the Left of Joe Biden. 2. A political puppet. 3. Radical; wrong for Pennsylvania,” it reads. A poor intern had to make that.

This is how Fetterman fired back:

Oz’s original tweet has less than 230 likes; Fetterman’s reply (the watermark is a nice touch) is nearing 3,000 likes.

I was so distracted by Fetterman clowning his opponent — not for the first time — that it took me a few minutes to realize the real problem with Oz’s tweet: that’s not how dictionaries work. Why is “John” between “justice” and “jurisdiction”? And why is “jurisdiction” after “justice”? And why is… The point is, there are a lot of issues here.

Pennsylvania’s Senate election isn’t until November 8. In related news, it’s not too late to buy the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia whiskey.

Source: https://uproxx.com/viral/dr-oz-john-fetterman-tweet/