‘Doctor Who’ Casts Noted Non-British Person Neil Patrick Harris As The New Big Bad Guy

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Apparently appearing in A Series Of Unfortunate Events was not enough for Neil Patrick Harris, as he — a Not British Person — is now set to star in the upcoming series of Doctor Who in which the Doctor will hopefully blast Harris’ character into space. But that’s just speculation.

The Smurfs star posted the first look on Instagram, confirming that his current gig is a part of the Doctor Who universe. Harris is seen wearing some crooked glasses and a bowtie, which is normally reserved for the Eleventh Doctor, but whatever. He added the caption: “My current gig. Never looked more dashing. Thank you for inviting me into your Whoniverse, @russelltdavies63 . I’ll try my hardest to do my worst. This Doctor has no idea what’s in store. And even if he does… Who cares? Ha ha ha HA ha-ha-ha! @bbcdoctorwho

Writer Russell T. Davies, who is returning to the show for its 60th anniversary after leaving the series in 2009, posted the same photo on Instagram, welcoming Harris to the DW family. “Neil Patrick Harris, welcome to Cardiff! Playing the greatest enemy the Doctor has ever faced. Such a great actor, such a great man, it’s an honour and a hoot. ”

The move is strange, considering, again, that Harris is Not British, but we might have to overlook that because a lot of other great actors have been added to the series. At least we get more David Tennant.

Source: https://uproxx.com/tv/neil-patrick-harris-doctor-who/

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