If there’s anyone winning at life right now, it’s Kim Seokjin — BTS’ eldest member, also known as Mr. Worldwide Handsome.

In a string of promotional teasers this week, it was revealed yesterday (October 19) that Coldplay has once again linked up with BTS for Jin’s solo single “The Astronaut” as co-writers.

Today, Chris Martin’s involvement in Jin’s single was only proven further in an exchange of wholesome text messages that eventually unveiled the news of Jin flying out from Seoul to Buenos Aires, Argentina to showcase “The Astronaut” with the band. Jin thanked Martin and his crew for helping his single (and fanboy dreams) come to life.

“Thank you so much for working so closely on this song with me, and listening to my opinions every step of the way,” the BTS vocalist texted. “I feel super honored to have worked with you, my superstar, my bro. And performing this song in Argentina sounds amazing! I will make it happen no matter what because you are my superstar.”


If there’s anything that further proves the tight bond between Jin and Coldplay, or BTS overall, it’s the guitar Martin gave the Korean artist during their first meet for “My Universe” last year. Signed, kissed, and personally hand-delivered to Jin, Martin teaches the BTS member how to play a chord.

Check out the full clip from BANGTAN BOMB of both world renowned bands meeting for the first time and Jin living the ultimate Y/N (Your Name) life below.

Source: https://uproxx.com/pop/did-coldplay-co-write-jin-the-astronaut/