DeSean Jackson’s Bizarre Fumble After Running Away From The End Zone Had Fans Extremely Confused

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The Las Vegas Raiders signed DeSean Jackson after he was released by the Rams in hopes of adding a vertical threat to their offense after cutting Henry Ruggs III following his arrest for DUI resulting in death.

On Sunday night against the Chiefs, we saw why Jackson was scooped up by the Raiders when he popped the top on the Kansas City defense and seemed to have at the very least a huge play, if not a touchdown, after hauling in a deep pass from Derek Carr and shedding his defender. However, from there, Jackson made some bizarre decisions, like running away from the end zone as he tried to evade a KC defender, ultimately getting the football punched out and recovered by the Chiefs.

The still shots of the play look especially bad, but Jackson was probably getting run down if he stays on the same path but, cutting back completely across the field rather than at an angle was a total head scratcher. Unsurprisingly, fans on Twitter had plenty of jokes and commentary about Jackson’s rather unfortunate moment of confusion.

From that point, the Raiders saw the Chiefs start to pull away, as Jackson fumbling away a red zone opportunity down 10 proved very costly — but at least provided non-Raiders fans with some laughs along the way.


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