Demi Lovato‘s new album Holy Fvck was a big moment for the singer. Leaning into heavier sounds, she grappled with heartbreak and her near-death experiences. The record was so unafraid that it scared Christians into trying to get promotional posters banned.

Now, she’s back with “Still Alive,” a blazing song for the Scream VI soundtrack that she teased last month. It’s an anthem about perseverance: “Still alive / I don’t wanna just survive / Give me something to sink all my teeth in / Eat the devil and spit out my demons,” she sings in the chorus.

Holy Fvck also dealt with her struggles with survivor’s guilt. About the track “Dead Friends,” she said in an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, “I’ve made friends of all ages. I’ve lost friends that were around my age, and those hurt so deeply because we’ve been in the trenches together. I had a lot of survivor’s guilt after my overdose because […] right after that, Mac Miller died, and it just put everything into perspective for me of, ‘That could have been you, that almost was you, and how are you going to live your life now?’ And it affected me a lot.”

Listen to “Still Alive” above.