Deerhoof, Pile, Ryan Pollie, And More Indie Acts Have Songs On The New ‘May Day Music’ Benefit Album

Gardenhead Records, an indie label based in Washington, DC who call for “radical empathy in art,” released a compilation yesterday with over 40 artists titled May Day Music: A Benefit Compilation For Strike Funds & Artists. It features acts like Ryan Pollie, Anika Pyle, Pile, String Machine, Dan Deacon, Empath, Radiator Hospital, Deerhoof, Dolly Spartans, and more.

The Bandcamp description explains that it is a “benefit compilation for strike funds and artists! Proceeds will go towards ongoing strikes and unionization efforts as well as the contributing artists.” The other artists on the album are Adjective Animal; BRNDA; Husbands; Holiday Music; Hiero; Trash Girl; Synae; Phantom Handshakes; Semetery; Cusp; Water From Your Eyes; Field Guides; Etai; Blvck Hippie; Palberta; Den-Mate; David V Britton; Broken Down Golf Cart; Will Stratton; Florry; Hello, I’m Sorry; Highnoon; Double Grave; S.C.A.B.; BobbyFogg; Moon By Moon; They Are Gutting A Body Of Water; Full Body 2; Doused; jrdn alexander.; The Natvral; Laveda; Spirits Having Fun; Art Contest; Rivulets; Ryan Pollie; Vorhees; Molly Drag; and Gabbo.

This follows the label’s September 2021 compilation Sunrise Music: A Benefit Compilation For Sunrise Movement & Artists, which featured Another Michael, Carol, Mister Goblin, and more and whose proceeds went to the Sunrise Movement.

Check out the May Day compilation here or listen below.

May Day Music: A Benefit Compilation For Strike Funds & Artists by Gardenhead Records