Customers cook their own food at Waffle House in viral TikTok after workers reportedly collapsed

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What’s better than going to Waffle House? Going to Waffle House and getting to make your own food, apparently.

Recently, TikToker @vjxsh0 shared a video to the platform claiming to have had a truly unique experience at the restaurant.

“So the workers at Waffle House collapsed and had to go to the hospital leaving one worker who couldn’t cook,” they wrote. “She told us we could make our own food.”

And that’s exactly what they did.

The video shows a group of young people who don’t seem to be employees trying their best to make waffles and other food items in the open kitchen.

“Well they say there’s a first time for everything,” the caption reads.


Well they say there’s a first time for everything #viral #wafflehouse

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The TikToker explained the situation a little bit further in the comments, writing that the group had just gotten back from snowboarding, it was late, and there were no other restaurants open in the area.

“The worker told us she was new, and not trained to cook and told us if we tip her good we can cook our own food,” they wrote.

While most customers don’t go to restaurants to cook their own food, many viewers expressed their jealousy over such a unique opportunity.

“At Waffle House anything is possible,” @slurpfather wrote.

“It’s hard seeing other people live your dream,” another viewer joked.

User @unofficial.zoofn suggested “it ain’t waffle house it’s waffle home,” while @officialfernandooo said “Waffle House doesn’t even feel like a diner. You’re just walking into a strangers kitchen and they decide to make food for you.”

This isn’t the first time footage of customers making their own food at Waffle House has gone viral, although it certainly doesn’t seem to be a common occurrence. But with Waffle Houses across the United States tending to stay open all the time, wild stories are seemingly bound to come out of them with some regularity.

And clearly, for these pals, this one was one for the books.

“This was one hell of a night,” a viewer claiming to be one of the other people present wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @vjxsh0 via TikTok comment and Waffle House via email.


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