‘Corporations need to do better by you’: Manager says corporate’s use of customer surveys cost her a bonus despite $1 million in revenue

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A restaurant general manager has gone viral on TikTok after sharing that despite helping her employer achieve $1 million in revenue this year, she won’t be getting a bonus due to her store’s low customer surveys. 

TikTok user and general manager Sarah (shexy_gym_time) shared a video where she claimed she makes as much as her assistant manager without bonuses. 

“Did you know that general managers can work their asses off to bring a lot of money to the bottom line for the company so that they can make a profit,” she says in the clip. “My store’s gonna hit a million dollars this year and I’m not bonusing because my customer surveys are down.”

In the caption, Sarah added, “If you have an issue with the company, and not the store itself. Don’t use surveys to rate lower. That affects the team.” 

Sarah’s video garnered over 100,000 views on TikTok, prompting hundreds of viewers to leave questions and advice in the comments section. 

@shexy_gym_time If you have an issue with the company, and not the store itself. Don’t use surveys to rate lower. that affects the team. #ReTokforNature #generalmanager #surveys #customersurvey #customers #complaints #stressed #broke ♬ original sound – Sarah

“Work less hard next quarter. when they ask what’s up. show them the difference between quarters and ask which they wanna pay for,” one user advised. 

“It’s in every industry. I work for Comcast. I’ve exceeded every metric except customer survey. No raise for me,” another wrote. 

“People usually complete surveys when it’s a bad experience. So if it’s down, then you are good?!” a third viewer commented. 

Others weren’t convinced Sarah had a right to complain. 

“Sounds like a valid reason to not get a bonus,” one wrote.

“No one does the customer surveys. you force your cashiers to push it and it is more stress on them. corporations need to do better by you,” another said. 

Sarah replied with another TikTok, saying that when she previously pushed her surveys so she could know how to improve, the company told her that she had too many surveys. 

@shexy_gym_time Replying to @ellenhewitt2 The surveys mean nothing to the company. But to tote their “appearance”. #ReTokforNature #complaints #customers #stressed #broke #generalmanager ♬ original sound – Sarah

“They said, ‘your percentage is so low because your survey count is too high,’” she says in the clip. “Like, don’t you wanna know your average customer? The more surveys you have, the more opportunity you have to learn about your average customer and what they want.” 

But now her store’s score is even lower after pushing fewer surveys, Sarah says. However, the TikToker claims the results are probably not an accurate representation of the average customer experience since a lot of the surveys that are done are because the customer is “pissed not at the store but the company.” She says most of the time the customers are mad at things beyond her control, like running out of products or opening hours. 

“It stresses the cashiers out to push the surveys but it also stresses the team out because then we have to wipe the asses of all the ‘Karens’ and ‘Kens,’” she continues. 

In another video, Sarah explains she used to do well financially when she started working at her current job. She reveals it was because they weren’t counting the surveys back then. 

“Because we were still dealing with the pandemmy,” she says. “We’re still dealing with stuff from the pandemic, from food shortages, and we still get people complaining on the surveys because we don’t have certain items.” 

She lists almond milk as an example, stating that with the product being nationally recalled and the restaurant having no proper substitute, she suffers the consequences via her customer surveys. 

“They put so much emphasis on ‘you can have this bonus, apply here, work here’ but once you’re in, they don’t fucking give it to you,” she says. “One person fails, you all fail? The same with surveys. Stupid.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sarah via Instagram direct message for this story. 

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