Chick-fil-A Worker Says Two Men Offered To Walk Her To Her Car After Her Shift

Whether people realize they’re being creeps or they’re just trying to be nice and come off as being creeps, the result is the same – and the people (usually women) on the receiving end would just like to live their lives.

This Chick-fil-A worker says that she felt like disappearing after two separate customers asked to walk her to her car after her shift.

Des (@destini.j) posted a video about her experience on TikTok – one she filmed while “hiding in the bathroom” after the restaurant closed.


♬ original sound – Des

She describes two earlier interactions, one of which was with a police officer.

“He said, ‘Bet, I’m going to be here to walk you to your car.’ A couple of hours later, another guy comes in and he’s talking to me. I give him his food and he’s like, ‘What time do you get off?’”

The video has over 800,000 views and everyone in the comments section is rightfully concerned.

This commenter warned Des to never tell anyone what time she gets off work.

“Don’t tell people when you get off it’s not safe.”

So did this person, and that goes for police officers, too.

“Pls never tell people what time you get off especially when it’s a late time.”



♬ original sound – Des

She says that although the police officer did return, he had to go on a call.

The second man never came back.

Stay safe out there, folks.

And try not to be scary weird.