Charlie Puth Talks How TikTok Inspired His New Album, Showing His Authentic Self, and More (EXCLUSIVE)

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It seems a light switch went off in Charlie’s head during the pandemic, as he began showcasing his process for creating music to his 15.4 million TikTok fans, which eventually led to crafting the majority of his self-titled album Charlie on the social media platform.

“I downloaded the app in December of 2019, and I just fell in love with how vulnerable and goofy and unpolished things were,” Charlie told Distractify while promoting his Frito-Lay Super Bowl commercial for their “Unleash Your Flamin’ Hot” campaign. “I love when people show their true, authentic selves, and I believe when I show my true authentic self and my music, I don’t have to put on a front or anything,” the musician shared.


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