Camila Cabello And A Crew Of Dancers Performed The Cheerful And Boisterous ‘Bam Bam’ On ‘SNL’

Following up her performance of “Psychofreak” with Willow, Camila returned to the Saturday Night Live stage to perform another song from her most recent album, Familia. After releasing one of the album’s earliest singles, “La Buena Vida,” late last year, which came with a tiny desk concert complete with a mariachi band, Camila collaborated with Ed Sheeran on a slightly more carefree single, “Bam Bam.”

The song is a reflection on a recent breakup, which most people will assume is based on Camila’s own split from her fellow pop star ex-boyfriend, Shawn Mendes. But instead of going down a road that’s sad or bitter, the song is more of an existentially carefree, accepting the bad with the good as life goes on, a surprisingly refreshing twist on the genre. Of course, songs like that are only capable after healing from a breakup, so it seems like Camila is well on her way to moving on.

For her second Saturday Night Live performance of the night, Camila brought out a slew of dancers in colorful outfits, and rocked a tie-dye blazer and cutoff shorts herself. Bordering on cheerfully boisterous, the song is definitely a polar opposite of her “Psychofreak” feelings, illustrating Cabello’s range. Watch the performance up top.