Britney Spears Recalls The Final Night Before She Was ‘Taken Away’ In An Angry Message To Her Mom

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In recent weeks, Britney Spears’ Instagram page has been mostly free of family drama. That changed last night, though, when in a now-deleted post, Britney chose to highlight some text conversations from when she was allegedly forced into a mental health facility in 2019 and detail the night before that happened.

The post itself reads, “It’s a little different with proof … Here are my text messages to my mom in that place 3 years ago … I show it because there was no response … When I got out, her words were ‘You should have let me visit you and give you a hug.’ The second picture is a message to my friend from home … She was supposed to help me get a new lawyer … I never heard back from her … The last picture was a message to the lawyer I didn’t get to pick … I had nobody … PS My sister’s text after not texing for 3 days was ‘They’re not gonna let you go so why are you fighting it’ …”

In a series of texts sent to her mother Lynne Spears, Spears wrote, “He was saying he wants to UP the seraquil and I’m like whoaaaaaaa horsey go f*ck yourslwf. Seraquil i thought was a sleep aid but it’s for bipolar and is WAAAAAY Stronger than lithium. I literally feel all the sick medicine in my stomach … I feel like he’s trying to kill me. I swear to god I do.” Britney’s screenshot shows no response from Lynne.

She also shared a similar conversation with a friend named Jansen, asking for the number of somebody named John Bell and adding, “Also what about the lithium levels in your opinion and it being monitored for so long…. of course they can MAKE UP any excuse to keep doing it but is it really healthy and ok to give blood for THAT LONG … I have a feeling you will say I will be ok but it still doesn’t make sense.”

In a text to her former court-appointed lawyer Samuel D. Ingham, Spears wrote:

“Great I want to talk about going to court when this is done and getting my medical rights ,,, my boyfriend the right to spend the night with me,,, how can I leave early ,,,, the plan I have u for last month or whatever the f*ck these f*cking people want from me … In court my boyfriend needs to be able to see my children …. I’ve been in the for 12 years I want it over …. I woudk like to replace. Two security guards with new …. would like to to have a day in who comes to my house for security … when this program is over I don’t want to work at all … I want to live for me and have an adventurous life … I want asswhole benson to let me drive again I want to go on three vacations this years …. Miami ,,, New York And [illegible].”

Lynne later shared the other side of the story, posting what appears to be a screenshot of Jansen’s Instagram Story. In it, Jansen shares a screenshot indicating they did respond to Britney’s lithium concerns, writing, “This is what I read about it so I at least think u are in a safe range at least. It says they monitor the blood levels so they can keep it in a certain range. I don’t know tons ab lithium so I had to research it. It said if it gets toxic to u u have the symptoms listed in the last text. I texted Mrs Donna and got her quick return ‘out of office’ message that said they were in Washington DC this week and to leave a message and they would return calls when they got back so no luck on getting his number this week and I don’t know anyone else that would have it or give.”

An overlay on the post reads, “The full message and I did respond!! I have always felt like some of my messages were deleted. Please read the bottom.” As for the bottom text, that says:

“My heart is a little broken this morning so I would like to clarify some things….I love my friends more than life itself and would go to the ends of the earth for them. This msg along with THOUSANDS of msgs were sent to the court investigator in 2019 in order to help my friend Britney Spears. We talked daily when she was in her last facility and her mom and I even went to New Orleans and met with an attorney to try and help her because we knew they wouldn’t let us near her! We were also very cautious of what we would write in messages because we had a feeling her phone was being monitored. When she left the facility my phone number was blocked from her and we have never spoken again! I have tried to reach her through every possible outlet and always failed.”

Lynne captioned her post, “Britney, I have all the ‘whole conversations’ as well! I hurt for you that you feel the people who love you the most betrayed you! Let me come to you! I love you!”

After Lynne’s post, Spears fired back. In another post, Spears wrote about alleged mistreatment from her mother and about the night before she entered the mental health facility:

“Yo ma did you also let people know that’s one of the only times you text me back ??? Did you also tell people how you hid coffee every single morning ??? Did you tell them every morning when I would try to find coffee there were no pictures of me up in the kitchen, just Maddie and Jamie Lynn ??? Every single morning I would put a picture of me by you guys … and every morning you would put it away before I woke up !!! Did you tell them how you were at my beach house when I couldn’t even have the keys to my car ??? Did you tell them I was doing 3 AA meetings a week when I hate alcohcl ??? Play the responsible perfect parent and go to church in Louisiana … it’s a joke !!! You all ruined it for me … I don’t ever remember getting a text from you !!! Did you tell them when the conservatorship first started you and Bryan’s wife went out every night and drank wine and got your stupid pictures taken when I couldn’t go anywhere or have my boyfriend anymore ??? You have some nerve showing your texts when you know you guys hurt me so bad its not even funny !!! Did you tell them two weeks prior to the conservatorship being started it was already planned ??? I had you, Miss Jacky, Allie and another friend over the night before they took me away!!! I had done nothing wrong and you kept telling me on my couch we need to go to Malibu cause I think people are coming to get me and I said ‘WHY???’ !!! I didn’t believe you guys … we had a f*cking sleepover the night before !!! It was all planned and you acted like you had no idea what was going on !!! Two weeks later you released a book and showed my heartbreak when Kevin took my kids … you abused me … yes I will say it and it blows my mind that you still play the prayer loving mom !!!”

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