Britney Spears Really Doesn’t Like Her ‘Bad,’ ‘Absolutely Horrible’ Purple Hair

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A few days ago, Britney Spears showed off her new hair color, a light purple. She had some trepidation about the look, as she wrote at the time, “I did it but not sure I like it.” Now, she is sure… that she hates it.

In a post shared a couple days ago, Spears wrote, “I will be honest I think my purple hair [mermaid emoji] is absolutely horrible …. I wish someone would have told me [crying laughing emoji] [shrugging emoji] !!!!” Then, in a post from yesterday, she noted, “My purple hair is bad … I know [shrugging emoji] … sh*t happens I guess.”

In a different post from yesterday in which Spears is still sporting the purple locks but doesn’t address them, Iggy Azalea commented, “I know, I knowwww the purple isn’t your fave, but I really like how it’s washing out and becoming just color dipped at the tips. I still vote for a long 30 inch bone straight blonde situation… Think of the hair flips!”

In the post where Spears initially confirms she doesn’t like her hair color, she also got heated with the paparazzi, who are apparently pestering her while she’s on vacation in Maui, Hawaii. In the post, she wrote, “If you’re outside my room trying to get another cheap shot of me … please go f*ck yourself and leave me alone !!!! I should be able to run around naked if I choose to.”

Check out Spears’ posts below.


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