Brian Kelly Tried Scolding A Reporter For Being Late To A Press Conference But Got Trolled For Losing To Florida State

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Sunday evening’s matchup between the Florida State Seminoles and LSU Tigers in New Orleans provided a wild amount of entertainment for both die-hard and more casual college football observers. The game featured an utterly ludicrous finish, with Florida State fumbling the ball near the goal line, LSU completing a 99-yard drive to score on the last play of the game, only to miss a game-tying extra point attempt to lose in epic fashion. Following the game, much was made of a prominent win for Florida State, but perhaps more attention was paid to LSU’s defeat in head coach Brian Kelly’s debut on the sideline.

That leads to yet another bizarre moment in Kelly’s early tenure, which occurred during a press conference on Tuesday. Kelly prodded a member of the media for arriving late to the press conference, and that member of the media corps pushed back with a quip about how she would perhaps be more likely be on time if LSU won.

The reporter was later identified as Leah Vann of The Advocate, who later let Kelly off the hook to some degree by sharing that she apologized and he was “super chill” in response.

Even in the moment, Kelly did not blow up after Vann’s comment and, to put it candidly, it would not be difficult to form a list of college football coaches who might have been more prickly in the face of that remark from a reporter. At the same time, it’s another weird moment surrounding Kelly, who famously used a bizarre southern accent after being hired in Baton Rouge, and the questions about his cultural fit with LSU likely won’t be dying down any time soon.


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