Brent Faiyaz Share The Plans He Has For His Previously Announced Project, ‘Make It Out Alive’

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Earlier this month, Brent Faiyaz released his long-awaited second album Wasteland. While the project was his first official album since 2017’s Sonder Son, it was also Brent’s first body of work since 2020’s F*ck The World. Wasteland arrived with 19 songs and features from Drake, Tyler The Creator, Alicia Keys, Joony, and Tre’ Amani, however, there was a point where many thought the project would be released under a different title: Make It Out Alive. During a recent sit-down with Complex’s Jordan Rose, Brent explained that his second album did not undergo a name change, but rather a separate body of work was created.

“I still have a project I want to put out called Make It Out Alive,” Brent said during the conversation. “That’s still in the works—it’s just not this one, because I love the title Wasteland and I love what it represents.” He continued, “I have an idea in my head of what I want Make It Out Alive to be, but all of the songs that I have been making up until this point didn’t fit that title. I wasn’t in the headspace to put that body of work out.”

For what it’s worth, Make It Out Alive seems like the perfect transition from the events that conclude Wasteland. So, if the project does end up being Brent’s third album, it would be interesting to see where he takes things after the success of Wasteland.

You can read Brent’s full interview with Complex here.

Wasteland is out now via Lost Kids LLC. You can stream it here.


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