Bren Joy Blesses The Great Outdoors With Even Greater R&B For A Three-Song Performance Video

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If you want a silk-voiced R&B up-and-comer to add to your playlists, Bren Joy is a better candidate than most. His profile has been steadily rising since signing with Warner Records in 2020 and at one point or another during the past few years, you might have even caught him opening for artists like Pink Sweat$, Jhené Aiko, and Megan Thee Stallion.

For Joy, it all started in his home of Nashville. Now, for his latest performance — as part of Uproxx and T-Mobile’s “Way Way Out Live” series — he’s leaving the city behind. Instead, he finds himself at Texas’ Cedar Hill State Park. Accompanied just by a guitarist, Joy turns in a smooth three-song set consisting of his “Insecure” (a collaboration with Sweat$, a previous “Way Way Out” performer), “Friends,” and “Henny In The Hamptons.”

Elsewhere in the video, he notes of leaving the pavement and skyscrapers behind, “Getting out of the city enhances my process by just being a palate cleanser. It allows me to really see things clearly and be as innovative and as creative as I want because nothing else is around you. It’s a clean slate. I think the audio that nature emits is just really, really special.” He also says of his creative wants and goals, “The only way I’m able to talk to people and share what I’m thinking is music. My page is like a diary and when I’m gone, I want people to be able to listen to my music and know exactly what I’m thinking.”

Check out Joy’s performances in the video above.

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