Austin Butler’s ‘SNL’ Promo Goes Full Goblin Mode

What’s the perfect accessory for Austin Butler‘s chiseled face? Trick question. It’s two accessories. A Santa hat and a goblin mask. This is empirically true.

Some might not see the deeper element to this promo (besides his perma-Elvis voice), but it’s clear that Butler is genuinely game to be silly and/or the butt of the joke during his appearance for the final 2022 episode of Saturday Night Live. That’s big. Especially for a talent that is in talks for an Oscar nomination for fully embodying one of the most famous people in modern history. He recently said he didn’t see his family for three years while filming Baz Luhrmann’s biopic of The King, which seems intense, so it’s nice to see him let loose a bit.

While he’s sneaking around stealing presents and Suessically skirting copyright law as the Santa goblin, he’ll also be introducing Lizzo as the musical guest. Hopefully she’ll bring an entire slew of Presidentially-owned musical instruments to jam out with on stage. We want to see Lincoln’s mouth harp. Millard Fillmore’s theramin. Ronald Reagan’s bongos. Just call the Library of Congress, and tell them to unlock every drawer they’ve got.

Butler and Lizzo’s show takes place December 17th on NBC.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)