An Old Clip In Which Dr. Oz Endorses Cousin-‘Smashing’ Has Surfaced And Naturally John Fetterman Had A Near-Perfect Response

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Dr. Mehmet Oz’s congressional campaign has been one of the most accident-prone and Sideshow Bob-like in memory, and the former TV quack is still somehow finding new rakes to step on. Lately people have been digging up old, incriminating (or just embarrassing) interviews he’s done over his many years in the spotlight. Last week, someone unearthed one in which he declared all abortions to be “murder.” But did you also know he at least used to be very gung-ho about incest?

This comes from Jezebel, who exhumed a 2014 interview with The Breakfast Club, where Oz — his future, possibly doomed Senate run barely even a glint in his eye — was answering listeners’ questions. One was from someone who admitted they “can’t stop smashing my cousin.” They started hooking up at a young age and, no matter how many times the person tried to put the kibosh on the incestuous canoodling, they couldn’t resist it. They wanted to know if it was safe.

But the good TV doctor said it was. “If you’re more than a first cousin away, it’s not a big problem,” he replied. Oz explained how genetics work, that humans naturally crave people with different genes, especially if it’s an unfavorable one, like hemophilia. That’s all well and good, but Oz then went into a little too much detail.

“You know, that’s why children, girls don’t like their fathers’ smell. Their pheromones will actually repel their daughters because they’re not supposed to be together,” Oz said. “My daughters hate my smell.”

Did John Fetterman, his Democratic opponent for the vacating Pennsylvania seat Oz wants so bad he decamped from New Jersey, let this one slip? He did not.

“Yet another issue where Oz and I disagree,” Fetterman tweeted. For the record, some other issues with which the two disagree are the legalization of marijuana, how many houses one should own while still calling one’s self a man of the people, and that you shouldn’t make light of someone’s health if they’ve had a stroke. But at least Oz can’t be further embarrassed by his old poop tweets, because those were already dug up weeks ago.

(Via Jezebel)


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