‘Almost $7. Totally not worth it’: Customer shares ‘not cool’ Starbucks sandwich, sparking discussion about quality control

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A TikTok user has gone viral after sharing a disappointing sandwich they purchased from a Starbucks location.

After buying the tomato & mozzarella on focaccia sandwich from Starbucks for nearly $7, user Tori (@tori.michele) opened it up to reveal a disappointingly paltry amount of contents.

“I’m just saying for six-something, almost seven dollars, totally not worth it,” Tori says. “And it’s only in the center.”

The video currently has over 552,000 views.

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While Tori is quick to note in comments that this isn’t a local Starbucks employee’s fault (all sandwiches arrive at the restaurant premade and frozen, per Mashed), she still says in the caption that paying that much for a sandwich and getting that little is “not cool.”

Users in the comments section agreed.

“As a worker none of our food is worth it,” one user wrote. “trust me.”

“Yes it’s not worth it,” another agreed. “It’s barely worth it to get it for free on a shift. They come prepackaged and I hate making people pay that much.”

“As a sbux barista none of our sandwiches/ paninis are worth it,” a third echoed. “Theres absolutely no quality control & I feel so bad for customers paying $6 for this.”

An additional user alleged that the manufacturer of Starbucks’ food items lacks consistency between the products. “Yeah unfortunately the manufacturer is rlly bad w consistency,” they claimed. “I try to pick the good ones out but [there] aren’t many.”

Others offered better deals available at Starbucks.

“Take it from a partner the only thing that’s even semi worth it are the double smoked bacon sandwiches,” a commenter shared.

“The turkey basil pesto is alot more bang for your buck and it’s so good,” a second claimed.

“The ham and Swiss baguette is so good,” a further user stated. “It has been my #1 pregnancy craving lmao.”

Still, users were adamant that paying $7 for such a pathetic sandwich was not worth it.

As one user wrote, “Girl that makes me so sad.. unfortunately all the sandwiches look like in the middle too…that company needs to stick to just coffee.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Tori via TikTok comment and Starbucks via email.

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