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This week in pop was full of amazing, long-awaited material. The Chainsmokers unveiled their new album So Far So Good, their first since their 2019 LP World War Joy, and Ethel Cain unleashed her 75-minute bone-chilling debut Peacher’s Daughter which takes a new approach to pop.

Each week, Uproxx rounds up the best new pop releases. Listen up.

Tate McRae — “What Would You Do?”

On this new fierce track “What Would You Do?” co-written and co-produced by Charlie Puth, Tate McRae is aware of her worth and isn’t afraid to say it. “I’ve always been a nice girl / I’m pretty understanding / But you mess up my head, boy / and you’re taking me for granted,” she spits against a catchy rhythm, and then cheekily threatens to kiss his friends. It’s both inspiring and funny.

5 Seconds Of Summer — “Me Myself & I”

“Youngblood” singers 5 Seconds Of Summer are taking accountability on this new single “Me Myself & I,” which wallows in regret. “I guess, I guess I got what I wanted / I never knew what I needed,” they repeat. The sound, though, is upbeat and electric, packed with memorable melodies.

OneRepublic — “I Ain’t Worried”

“Counting Stars” band OneRepublic have a knack for rich sonic landscapes. The whistling in “I Ain’t Worried” is the kind that you’ll find yourself doing after the song is after without even realizing it. The lyrics are as intriguing as the sound: “I don’t know what you’ve been told / but time is running out so spend it like its gold,” vocalist Ryan Tedder quips.

Becky G — “Bailé Con Mi Ex”

Last month, Becky G announced her new album Esquemas and released the seductive single, “No Mienten.” This new song “Bailé Con Mi Ex” gives another taste of what this record will be like; it’s vibrant with a booming bass, while the lyrics reckon with letting go of grudges and living life to the fullest.

Noah Cyrus — “Mr. Percocet”

This acoustic guitar-driven ballad by Noah Cyrus is about dealing with the contradictions of life. She’s in pain and in love, lulling, “I wish you’d still love me / when your drugs wear off in the morning.” Her voice is gentle and hurt and her words are poetic as she explores the wreckage of a dangerous relationship.

The Chainsmokers — “I Love U”

The Chainsmokers are having fun in the music for “I Love U,” partying and performing, but something’s missing. “From the day I got your number like Paris in the summer it ends / Every day that goes by I wish I was in your bed,” they sing against dance beats that have a layer of melancholy under their bounce.

Ethel Cain — “Sun Bleached Flies”

Ethel Cain has reinvented pop with her new album Preacher’s Daughter, and this sprawling track is proof of that. Beginning as a piano ballad with soft, haunting vocals, it forces the listener to be patient as the energy and tension build and burst about four and a half minutes in. The song turns into a colossal anthem with soaring saxophone and holy vocals repeating the mantra: “If it’s meant to be / then it’ll be.”

Sasha Alex Sloan — “Adult”

Sasha Alex Sloan has successfully summed up adulthood with the line: “‘Cause it finally hurts being hungover / But it’s still not worse than being sober.” Even as she reckons with the depressing reality of life in this new song “Adult,” Sloan maintains her humor and charm, especially while drinking red wine and eating marshmallows in the music video.

Remi Wolf — “Michael”

Remi Wolf’s new track “Michael” is trippy and addictive, devoted to disorientation as she sings: “Hold my hand and spin me / round until I’m dizzy / loosen up my chemicals.” Her confident, idiosyncratic vocals guide the song and imbue it with personality, making it stand out from other pop songs.

Gryffin, Olivia O’Brien — “Caught Up”

This club anthem is about reveling in your infatuation: “I’m obsessing and it’s no good / But I don’t even mind, no,” Olivia O’Brien sings passionately over Gryffin’s effervescent beats. It’s less than three minutes, but it overflows with infectious excitement and fervor the entire time.

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