Alex Jones Thinks The Jan. 6 Attack Was ‘So Stupid And So Dumb’ And He Doesn’t Want A Civil War, Okay?

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Despite being heavily involved in the January 6 “Stop the Steal” rally that turned into an insurrectionist assault on the U.S. Capitol building, Alex Jones wants everyone to know that he now feels the entire day was a “horrible historic fiasco.” The conspiracy peddling podcast host was recently hauled in front of the January 6 committee that’s been investigating the attack, and Jones, surprisingly, had nothing but kind words about the process.

“They were polite, but they were dogged,” Jones said during the latest episode of InfoWars where he also revealing that he plead the fifth “almost 100 times” per his legal team’s instruction. But the most notable change in demeanor came when Jones started throwing the MAGA rioters under the bus and denying that he wants nothing to do with a civil war in case anyone asks. Via Mediaite:

“We learned there were a bunch of people inside the Capitol,” Jones said. “And that was so stupid and so dumb. I didn’t support it that day and I don’t support it now.”

“We got the hell out of there once we couldn’t stop it,” Jones added, saying the events of Jan. 6 were a “horrible historic fiasco.”

“Let’s get something clear for the committee and my audience and everybody else: I don’t want a civil war in this country and that’s a terrible idea,” Jones explained.

Of course, Jones’ odd change of tune might have something to do with his recent public breakup with Donald Trump. The anti-vaxxer host vowed in December that he’s ready to “dish all the dirt” after the former president came out in favor of COVID vaccine boosters. With that in mind, there’s no telling what Jones told the January 6 committee about his former BFF.

(Via Mediaite)


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