Adele let fans know that her new album, 30, would be dropping in mid-November. And as listeners eagerly awaited the first single, she previewed a track on Instagram Live that sounded like it might be kicking things off. Now we know that to be true, “Easy On Me” is out now and officially the lead single for her new era. Check out the song and video above and expect a lot more Adele coming your way in the next few weeks. As rumors initially began to mount that new Adele was coming at the end of 2020, fans eventually learned that the album wouldn’t be coming until 2021.

But, Adele seemed happy to take her sweet time this year, too. It wasn’t until October that billboards began to pop up, indicating that the album might, in fact, finally be here. Since she last released music back in 2015, with the gargantuan album 25, six years have passed. In that time, Adele ended her marriage and also lost a significant amount of weight, two massive life changes. Since she usually gives us plenty of epic heartbreak material, it seems likely that going through one of the biggest kinds of romantic pain will yield more material than ever before. So stay tuned and check out “Easy On Me” above.


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