A Violin With a Broken Spring Reverb Tank From a Fender Amplifier

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A composer named David Hilowitz built a violin that has a broken spring reverb tank from a Fender amp and when he played his new creation it gave off quite a unique sound.

Hilowitz said, “The thing about this particular reverb tank is it’s broken. It came out of an old Fender amp and for whatever reason, its input had stopped working. …I got to thinking, what if we use the vibrations of an acoustic instrument? In this case a violin.”

Check out the video above to see how he pulled it off.

Be sure to check out Hilowitz’s page on YouTube to see more of his videos

Source: https://twistedsifter.com/videos/a-violin-with-a-broken-spring-reverb-tank-from-a-fender-amplifier/

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