A Tight End Threw A Backwards Touchdown To Help A Georgia High School Win In Quadruple Overtime

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Folks, it’s almost football season. College football is right around the corner, while the NFL is in the midst of its preseason. But in some places, football season is already here. That’s the case down in the great state of Georgia, where Loganville High School and Monroe Area High School on Friday night under the lights.

According to MaxPreps, the game ended with Loganville winning 45-39. But the scoreline doesn’t quite tell the whole story, because as you can see in the box score, Loganville outscored Monroe Area in overtime, 28-22. But even that doesn’t tell the whole story! Here is a tweet that is making its way around of how the game ended in quadruple overtime — just watch it once and then try to figure out what happened after that.

At first glance I straight up wondered if I missed something and the quarterback threw the ball past the line of scrimmage. But then, you realize what happened: The signal caller took the snap, handed the ball to a tight end, and then the big fella — with his back to his offensive line — just hucked the ball over his head. It looked like the defense just kinda stopped playing, while the ball landed softly into the outstretched arms of another tight end.

I still have zero idea how this worked, or where this is in the team’s playbook, or why you would even call it, but hey, Loganville won because of it.

Source: https://uproxx.com/sports/tight-end-backwards-touchdown-quadruple-overtime-highlight-video/

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