A Cryptic Buzzy Cohen Tweet Has ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Speculating About The Show’s Next Host

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It’s been a while since the seemingly-endless string of Jeopardy! controversies dominated the game show headlines. That’s because most of them were surrounding Mike Richards, the one-time Jeopardy! executive producer who was named the show’s full-time successor to Alex Trebek following what appeared to be some mild chicanery. Richards quickly exited in disgrace and two temporary hosts, Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings, got some less temporary roles with the syndicated game show.

Nearly a year later, though, not much has actually changed by way of an official announcement about the future of the hosting situation. Bialik is currently slated to host most episodes and some primetime events, with Jennings occasionally in the mix as well. But some fans think those a bit further on the inside know some news is afoot. One of the reasons they think this is a very cryptic tweet from Buzzy Cohen in response to who will host the forthcoming primetime Jeopardy! episodes.

Cohen parlayed viral fame during his run on Jeopardy! — including winning the 2017 Tournament of Champions — into a hosting career of his own when he served as a guest host during the first string of temporary roles following Trebek’s death.

He’s also appeared more recently on The Chase. The Jeopardy!-to-Chase pipeline is pretty well-established at this point, which is why Cohen saying there’s “another” host in the works for some episodes certainly turned some heads.

Some speculated that the “another” in question is, well, Cohen himself. And if you look around elsewhere on his timeline, you’ll see that he’s filming something other than The Chase these days. Earlier in the week, for example, he tweeted about an “as yet unannounced project” he’s got in the works.

Whether that’s primetime Jeopardy! episodes or something else is entirely unclear. But given what he’s implied about Jeopardy!, somebody knows something. And hopefully, we learn just what that something is sooner rather than later.

Source: https://uproxx.com/tv/jeopardy-buzzy-cohen-hosting-rumors/