34 Professor Red Flags That Scream “Drop This Class Immediately”

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“I’ve had teachers that I just simply couldn’t understand due to a language barrier. In hindsight, I should have dropped immediately. I learned that, basically, if you can’t understand what the professor is saying, be prepared to teach yourself a lot of the class. I once had an accounting professor and had no idea what she was saying. I remember sitting in that class on the first day scratching my head. I looked around, and a lot of the other people had the same look on their faces. The next week, I showed up to class, and what was once a classroom of about 40 people was down to 12. I should have known right there to drop, but I didn’t.”

“I stuck it out. A few weeks went by, and it didn’t get any better. I got my first test back and completely bombed it. I told myself right then that I was going to have to teach myself the material and that coming to class was pointless. 

I taught myself accounting by using the textbook. Since I didn’t go to class, I missed all of her pop quizzes but just told myself I’d make it up on the tests. I only showed up for tests and the final, and lo’ and behold, I passed the class.” —u/[deleted]

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/victoriavouloumanos/professor-red-flags-drop-class

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