31 Secrets People Have Kept For Years

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“It was fifth or sixth grade. We had a geography test, and usually I studied, but I noticed this group of girls who always cheated. So, I decided to stop trying so hard, and to cheat with them. We had a piece of paper with the correct answers on them, and we tried to secretly pass it around to each other. The teacher caught the girl I had JUST passed the paper to, and she gave her, and all of the cheating crew zeros…except for me.”

“She was like, ‘I know you didn’t cheat.’ I wish that was the end of the story…But at recess they confronted me about not telling the truth to the teacher. So I told them I would during lunch. I went to the teacher’s classroom during lunch, while the girls stood far back in the hallway watching. They could see, but they couldn’t hear. So, I just had a polite conversation with the teacher, then went back to the group, pretended that I was sad, and said that the teacher said she’d call my mother to talk to her. EVERYONE knows that that’s a worst punishment, so then the GIRLS felt bad and kept apologizing to ME. I feel so bad thinking about it now. I never cheated again, because I can’t handle knowing I’m capable of that level of manipulation.”


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/hannahmarder/people-are-sharing-the-secrets-theyve-kept-buried-for-years

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