I have this myself, and while I wasn’t sure about it at first, I’m now really glad I bought it. It’s a lot larger than I expected, but once I started filling it up with my polishes, I realized it needs to be! There’s room for 24 bottles plus other tools on each side, and so far I’ve only filled up one side — I feel that justifies the purchase of more nail polish, LOL! It definitely beats the sad ziplock bag or loose counter storage I was using before. It’s a bit too large for travel, unless you were to pop it into the bottom of a suitcase for a long-term trip, so I will just pull my fave polishes out and stash ’em in my toiletry bag when I’m on the go. But for displaying in my bathroom in my apartment, it’s so aesthetically pleasing and makes me so happy! And I have the polishes inside organized by color, which makes me feel fancy. Two pro tips: 1) Don’t try to open it when it’s standing vertically, or things will fall out — lay it flat instead. 2) Decorate the sides with stickers, because your laptop is full, and you need a place to put all your extra stickers!!!! Or, at least, that was an unexpected bonus for me. 😃

It comes with toe separators for a bonus gift!

Promising review: “This is PERFECT for organizing and storing your nail polishes and tools. You can organize them by color, brand, season, however you want! The polishes take up less space, and you can clearly see them and choose what you want for your next mani. Also, you can store them upright just like salons do. It’s perfect!” —Arielle Mansion

Get it from Amazon for $21.98.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/katyherman/cheap-things-to-treat-yourself-to-in-2023