30 Bridesmaids Share Their Worst Wedding Experiences

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“I had a (former) friend who did nothing for her upcoming wedding and phoned me crying asking for help. I just had my baby a few months ago and had a postpartum brain disorder but she begged me, so I agreed and did EVERYTHING. I got her my own wedding dress seamstress on short notice, ordered her second dress, and for everything else, she would call me in the middle of the night. She didn’t want to do invitations or a guest list (for a venue!) — which was a huge fight — so I printed all her invites on my printer, bought/made all the centerpieces, and stored everything at my house.”

“She was horribly late for every appointment, complained about everything, and when I had to leave for a month after my brain disease diagnosis, she flipped out (even though everything was done) because I couldn’t do her playlist — and she kicked me out as her bridesmaid. When I got back, she and her cousins showed up at my house and took everything.

I wasn’t invited to the bridal shower, and although I did go to the wedding, I made a speech about how the first time I met her was when she had bought me a roast beef dinner when I forgot my lunch, and I always remembered her when I had roast beef. She never spoke to me again and a mutual friend said it was because of my ‘horrible speech,’ and her family was mortified. She later said her ‘real’ wedding was her Toronto wedding, not the one I had helped with. She told everyone at work I took over her wedding and even ordered her second dress ‘in my own size.'”


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/lizmrichardson/bridesmaid-horror-stories-worst-weddings