29 Dark Secrets Kids Found Out About Their Parents

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“My father never went to college. He worked as a mechanic for many, many years to put food on the table for my mother, sister, and me. It wasn’t until recently when I was visiting his parents (my grandparents) and we were talking that I realized how much stress he was going through when I was a kid.”

“As a kid, I always thought he was just an angry guy who would work all day, be pissed, and yell at at us for no reason. I didn’t understand the long hours he was putting in or the stress it was putting him through. But especially now as I enter more serious full-time employment and adult life, I’m starting to appreciated him and his hard work, despite him never explicitly telling me. He’s now got a very high position in a very large trucking company without a degree. I’m proud of him.”


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/lizmrichardson/parents-dark-secrets-kids-found-out

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