27 Useful Products Reviewers Love Using In The Fall

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It has two misting modes, continuous and intermittent, which will mist and pause for 30 seconds. It also has eight colors you can change it to to match your current mood or ambience. The best part? It will automatically shut off when it’s out of water so you can sleep soundly knowing it won’t break or cause any safety issues.

Don’t forget to buy some essential oils so you can make your home smell nice!

Promising reviews: “This little device is pretty cool. Easy to use & one fill will last for hours. My son has chronic bronchitis & usually has a humidifier running in his room just about all winter & fall. I found that eucalyptus oil & this diffuser works better & runs just as long! 8oz of water & about 6 drops of eucalyptus oil is all I need for the entire 8 hour night. I like the dim light as well, makes it easier to see the mist & know it’s working.” —Heather Souza

“This diffuser is amazing. Easy to control color/water output, small and compact, easy to clean, and outright beautiful. It’s great for my apartment; I can finally cover up the totally-not-pot smell that the previous tenant so graciously left me. It’s also great for setting up a romantic environment when the significant other comes over. Just a heads-up — if you have a dog, try not to diffuse tea tree oil, or do it in a place where the dog doesn’t go. It’s bad for their nervous system. I think it’s the same with cats as well, but I’m not sure.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in five colors).

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/imstephaniehope/useful-products-reviewers-love-using-in-the-fall

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