23 Reasons A Wedding Was Called Off

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“First of all, if you’ve never been to a Jewish wedding, the way it goes is, first they have the reception (with the bride and groom in separate rooms), then the ceremony, then the family goes away to sit for pictures while the guests sit down to eat, then the bride and groom come in, and the dancing starts. In between the ceremony and the pictures, though, is what’s called Yichud, which approximately means ‘isolation together’ – the bride and groom lock themselves in a room and are observed by two reliable witnesses outside the door to have stayed there long enough to have consummated the marriage (although nobody actually does it there: it’s considered déclassé).”

“After the Yichud, the bride came out and announced, ‘Sorry everyone, the wedding’s off. We’ll be getting a divorce, and we’re returning all the gifts…except for the bedroom set, where I caught my new husband trying it out with my sister last week.’

So, what makes this noteworthy? Well, think about this. She knew about the episode before the wedding. Why’d she go through with it? Because under Jewish law, if you’ve once been married to a woman, even after divorcing her, you aren’t allowed to marry her sister at any time until your first wife has died. By going through with the ceremony, she in effect locked her sister out of ever being able to get together with her soon-to-be-ex.”


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/morgansloss1/break-up-wedding-moments-reddit

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