22 Comfortable Sandals For People With Wide Feet

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Promising reviews: “So comfy. I’m pregnant and my feet are wide and there was still plenty of room. Not too tight. I recommend buying the exact size of your foot, not a size smaller, and not a size bigger.” —Antoinette

“They are still just as comfortable as the day I got them, maybe even more so. The strap on the back of the heel is SO important to me as it holds these on. I tried a similar pair with no strap, and they scared me going down stairs. These always feel secure, comfy, warm, but not too hot (love the sandal design). I wear them every morning and night and often put them on when home during the day. You can wear them outdoors, but I choose not to because I don’t want to ruin them in any way. The rubber sole is a great feature and gives good traction, another important feature. LOVE these slippers.” —Ellen M. DuBois

Get it from Amazon for $60.30+ (available in sizes 5–15 and in 40 colors)

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bykitstone/sandals-wide-feet-actually-swear-by

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