22 Airport Employees Reveal Their Wildest Work Stories

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“This was about 35 years ago when I was an air traffic controller assigned to the San Antonio Tower. The tower sat about 65 feet above the tarmac around the old terminal gates. It was a Saturday night and not much was going on. Back in those days, Southwest Airlines parked their planes right below the tower and loaded and off-loaded them via outdoor air stairs. Since it was after 10:00 p.m., some of the planes were parked there for the night for maintenance or cleaning. Not much was happening, so we were just sitting and chatting while monitoring the radios. Suddenly, I heard someone say, ‘HEY! That guy doesn’t have any clothes on!’ That got everyone’s attention, and we all rushed over to the side of the tower overlooking Southwest’s parked planes. Sure enough, at the bottom of one set of air stairs was a naked guy being chased around the ramp by a couple of people.”

“He eventually sprinted up the stairs and back onto the plane, with the others in close pursuit. Our first thought was that there was a deranged passenger on the loose. But, this was long before there were TSA screening checkpoints in airport terminals. Anyone could enter the terminal and access the gate areas, though passing through a boarding door to get near an airplane would require an employee access code or badge. The maintenance and cleaning crews would have possessed such badges though, or known the code. Well, nothing came of it. Though our supervisors were made aware of what happened, it was over in a flash and no official reports were made.”


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/hannahdobro/airport-employee-wildest-stories

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