19 Dead Giveaways That Someone Is American

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“Requesting ice with their drinks.”

“I am an American and was at a restaurant in France. They brought me warm soda in a glass. When I asked them for ice, they brought a tiny bowl of ice with a little set of silver tongs and put two ice cubes the size of sugar cubes into my glass, which melted immediately, lol.”


“Are you me? This was my exact experience. We stopped at a little café in Marseilles, and it was sweaty and hot, so I wanted a lemonade and asked for ice. They did this little song and dance with the bucket and popped a single cube into my drink. I watched it melt in two seconds and just quietly said, ‘Merci.'”


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/sarahaspler/dead-giveaways-someone-is-american-reddit

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