18 Cheating Stories Of Partners Getting Caught

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“My wife wanted out of Los Angeles, so I got a job in Utah. She suggested I move, get a house set up, and she’d join in just a few weeks when her bank job would let her transfer. A few weeks later, I’m back in California for a romantic weekend with her up in the mountains. She forgot her cellphone at work (the bank) and couldn’t go back for it. She kept using my mobile phone to check her voicemail remotely. Like obsessively. And she would then return calls to people from random phones (hotel, pay phone, etc.) but not my mobile. As I was sitting in the airport, preparing to fly back to Utah, thinking about how weird it all was, I decided to check her voicemail from my cell. She hadn’t deleted her recent messages.”

“There was a voicemail from some guy asking if she was OK, and he was worried about her sick grandpa she went to visit, and that he loved her. In a stroke of luck, he said he didn’t have good cell service at his friend’s house, so gave his friend’s number to call. I called. He said he was her boyfriend. I said I was her husband. I yelled at him. He yelled at me. Then I was like, ‘Dude, we’re both getting played.’ We had a total bro moment. Then I filed divorce papers the next week.”


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/ajanibazile/people-figured-out-partner-cheating

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