12 Hysterical Tweets About Married Life

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Does the perfect marriage exist?

Well, if it does, we’d like to know about it, because we haven’t heard about it yet!

And these 12 tweets about the hilarity and unpredictability of marriage are definitely gonna look familiar to folks out there who are hitched.

Enjoy! And go easy on your spouse, will ya?

It was nice knowing you.

You’ll regret it!

He should know better.

This is what Hell is like.

She’ll correct you!

The thrill is still there!

Maybe you’re not being clear…

Keep it down!

That guy is gonna get it.

It’s what marriage is all about.

This is the way it’s done.

How could you forget?!?!

Source: https://twistedsifter.com/2022/12/12-hysterical-tweets-about-married-life/

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