‘You will hook up with average-looking white people’: Viewer calls out double standards in beauty for people of color on ‘The Ultimatum’

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A viewer called out cast members on Netflix’s The Ultimatum for their double standards and fetishization of people of color versus white people.

A viral TikTok from user @badgalriyriy claims that some people of color will “hook up with average-looking white people but only choose to hook up with extremely attractive people of color.” TikToker @queenkidan then applied the criticism to The Ultimatum cast, specifically pointing to Randall, who is Black; Shanique, who is Black; and Madlyn, who is white.

Randall and Shanique arrived on the show together as a couple, and Randall dated Madlyn briefly on the show, as well. In her TikTok, @queenkidan plays the audio from @badgalriyriy’s video and shows a photo of Randall. A photo of Madlyn appears as @badgalriyriy says “average-looking white people,” and then a photo of Shanique appears as the TikToker says “extremely attractive people of color.”

“It’s almost as if you are equating the attractiveness of an average white person to a beautiful person of color,” @badgalriyriy says in her viral TikTok that has been viewed almost 875,000 times.

In a comment on her duet with @badgalriyriy, @queenkidan wrote that she thought Madlyn fetishized Randall when they were together.

Commenters on @queenkidan’s video agreed that there was a double standard in Randall’s dating history on the show.

“I thought I was the only one who thought this,” @fauxconut commented.

“I thought I was the only one that had this thought. I am glad I’m not alone,” @its_tavieee wrote. “Average yt [white] women get praise and are the standard.”

“My EXACT thought when watching this show,” @jedayabarboza wrote.

Others agreed with @queenkidan that Madlyn fetishized Randall.

“I THOUGHT THIS,” @lunabunneh commented. “Did you see how comfortable he got so quickly and all she was doing was fetishized him!”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @queenkidan via Instagram direct message and to Netflix via contact form.

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