This woman describes a real-life horror story in which she uprooted her whole life and moved to a new state for a job that she didn’t actually get.

Have you ever seen the Season 3 finale of The Office? In it, inept regional manager Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) prepares to interview for a lofty corporate position at his paper company. However, he overestimates his job qualifications so egregiously that he misguidedly sells his Pennsylvania condo in order to move to New York. What’s more, he does this before he even interviews, let alone gets the job. Now imagine that but in real life with a far wider difference and it’s essentially the company’s fault and not the interviewee’s.

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Though that may sound horrifying to some folks, that’s exactly what Camryn Spina (@camrynspina) experienced. As you might have guessed already, Camryn moved over a thousand miles in order to start an exciting new job. The only problem was that she never actually got it. Let’s break down what exactly happened to Camryn.

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This woman moved hundreds of miles for a job that she didn’t actually get.

Camryn shared the whole harrowing predicament on TikTok. During a 10-minute “get ready with me” video, she lays it out plain and simple. She had moved from Florida to Virginia to start working at a job that she was never actually hired for.

Like many of us by now, Camryn was scrolling through job postings when she found a listing for a job that she “really really wanted” and simply applied for.

She went through the usual beats of applying for a job, save for the part where she actually heard back from someone who would have been her prospective boss. Camryn then went on a 90-minute virtual interview that went really well.

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Camryn was eventually asked to visit the boss on-site in Virginia so that they could offer her a tour of the offices. Again, the interview went swimmingly, and the boss even reportedly said that they would love to hire Camryn for the job.

After taking the time to consider all of the logistics, especially with such a big move, she ultimately decided to make the substantial relocation from Florida to Virginia for this job.

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From then on, all signs pointed to the idea that Camryn had gotten hired. She had sent some pertinent information to HR for onboarding and had been meeting with her boss for several weeks leading up to her move. By then, she had already paid for a moving truck rental and to have her things placed in a storage unit.

“I moved my entire life,” Camryn claimed. To that end, she and her boyfriend made the 13-hour drive between states in time for her start date on Aug. 1.

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Unfortunately, it wasn’t until she actually started the job that things started to change for the worse. After a few days of working there, she began contacting HR after she hadn’t heard from them about onboarding. According to them, however, they were still going through applications at the time, and no hires were made just yet.

Camryn, who had already uprooted her whole life, thought they had to be mistaken and asked them to check their records again because she had been sure she had the job up until that point.

Unfortunately, she was later informed that that wasn’t the case. HR had to call her up and tell her that she wasn’t hired, even offering all the usual cold comforts of keeping her application on file in case a position did open up for her. Not only that but the manager who had led her to believe that she was hired suddenly ghosted her.

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Understandably distraught, Camryn sent them a rightfully angry email arguing that she deserved reimbursement for the financial strain she took on after being egregiously misled about her application process, as well as the fact that she performed labor for the company for seven days. Luckily, she received just that. Not long after she sent her email, she received a substantial check in the mail for an undisclosed but seemingly satisfactory amount of money.

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Needless to say, she had to move back to her old stomping grounds soon after. As of the time the video was posted, Camryn moved back in with her parents and reportedly still has her old job in Florida.

It’s one thing to never hear back from places when you’re trying to apply for jobs, but being led to believe that you received a job and being told that you didn’t is so much worse.