‘Why would they steal one airpod’: TikToker calls cops after someone allegedly takes single AirPod, sparking debate

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A TikToker documented their quest to find a friend’s single stolen AirPod, leaving viewers highly amused.

According to user @kaealta, someone stole only her friend’s left AirPod, a baffling scenario. But when the user opened up the “Find My” app that allows a user to track Apple devices registered to their ID, the left AirPod actually showed up at a separate location, allowing them to track it.

The video shows the TikToker and her friend driving, and the left and right AirPods drawing closer together on the map. “Found that h0e,” she wrote.

The TikToker said after the pair pulled up to the house where the AirPod supposedly landed, she called the police because they didn’t want to go confront the potential thief themselves. She said officers showed up and managed to retrieve the single AirPod.

“Mission accomplished,” @kaealta wrote, showing the left AirPod dropping right back into its place in the case next to the right one.

Many viewers said they were surprised the police helped. Users relayed instances in which police declined to pursue alleged property theft after a user tracked the location of a device with an app.

“I saw a video of a parent going to get their kid’s airpods from another person’s house cs [because] they stole it from school and cops said no,” wrote @chnsmara.

“I had my phone stolen in Minneapolis, I tracked its location to an Anoka house and the cops refused to even go up to the door,” @briannameier chimed in.

One viewer suggested this was “a waste of police resources,” while another said @kaealta’s friend may have just dropped the one AirPod, and someone picked it up on the street. 

“Why would they steal one airpod w no case,” @.jaime.martin asked.

The Daily Dot reached out to @kaealta via TikTok comment.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/airpod-cops-tiktok/

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