Who Does Stephen Tobolowsky Play in ‘Minx’?

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As a renowned character actor, Stephen has a lot of experience playing a lot of different types of roles. Per his IMDb page, he’s appeared in hundreds of films and TV shows over his 45-year career. In fact, his IMDb currently lists a whopping 279 acting credits.

Some of Stephen’s notable film and television roles include Ned in Groundhog Day, Max in Thelma & Louise, Principal Ball in The Goldbergs, Robert in Archer, and many, many more. Stephen is 70 years young and is only adding more credits to the list. He currently has two movies in post-production. In addition to his impressive acting resume, he’s also authored three books and hosts a monthly podcast.

Source: https://www.distractify.com/p/stephen-tobolowsky-minx

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