‘What the hell? Do you guys have lives?’: Worker roasts customers who wait for restaurant to open in parking lot

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A restaurant worker has a question for the people of TikTok: What exactly are the people who wait for a restaurant to open doing?

In a now-viral video, TikToker Dianna (@diannavardanian) poses this question while standing outside the restaurant where she works. At the end of the video, she reveals all the cars she says are eagerly awaiting opening time.

“The amount of regulars that are literally just sitting in their cars waiting for the restaurant to open is terrifying,” she says. “Like, what the hell? Do you guys have lives?”

The video currently has over 37,000 views.

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In the comments section, users offered their own similar stories of overly-eager customers.

“Ppl do this too where I work and it’s a seafood restaurant,” a commenter shared. “Like bro we don’t even have breakfast why you want a whole feast at 11:00.”

“i used to work at a tanning salon,” another recalled. “These people would be sitting in their cars 30 mins before we open EVERY DAY like why??? i never understood that.”

“I work at a brunch restaurant and before i even get to work there’s a line most days,” a third claimed.

“People do this at the bank just to check their balance,” a fourth wrote.

Others tried to offer justifications for this behavior.

“Some people work overnight and have thrown off sleep schedules,” one user explained in response to a comment about early diners. “That’s totally understandable! Usually for us it’s just old people who are retired,” the original commenter responded.

“Maybe this is the highlight of their day and they enjoy seeing you,” a second user wrote.

“I’m sorry I popped a tire a half hour before you opened and had to drink while waiting for the tow truck,” a further user claimed.

Above all, TikTokers said that even though the practice may be annoying, those customers are helping pay their bills.

“I used to complain about this,” a commenter stated. “Now I see connections and money waiting for me.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Dianna via TikTok comment.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/restaurant-customers-wait-in-parking-lot-for-open/

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