What Happened to Digital Princxss? Are Arrest RumorsTrue?

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The double-edged sword of internet fame can be that sometimes, personal information escapes onto the web. Content creator Digital Princxss, real name Marissa Cloutier, knows this well after going viral for the information she likely didn’t intend to put on the internet.

What happened to Digital Princxss? She was reportedly arrested for child neglect.

On Aug. 27, 2021, Twitter user Allison wrote a post aimed at Marissa with the following caption. “Why is @digitalprincxss trying so hard to cover up that she was arrested for leaving her son home alone while she went out with friends and her neighbors found him alone and crying #marissacloutier #pokeprincxss #digitalprincxss stop letting rich people cover up their s—y doings.”

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Attached to the post were screenshots of Marissa’s mugshot and arrest records for neglect of a child. The post quickly went viral, prompting Digital Princxss to follow up with a TikTok admitting she was arrested but insisting not everything seen on the internet was true.

“I know there are a lot of things being posted online, and they are very much out of context and very much untrue. Please do not believe everything that you would read on the internet.”

Source: Twitter

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Another user followed up with Allison’s initial post and wrote, “The police report says she wasn’t home but she told me she was home asleep? Hmm?” and posted a screenshot of Marissa requesting that a TikTok about the arrest situation be taken down, “so people don’t take it out of context.”

The streamer insisted, “They obviously arrested me for ‘Neglect of a child’ but will have the charge dropped since I was in the house just asleep. It was an accident but I’m choosing not to speak up about it until later.” She also pleads, “My address is listed on it.”

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Former fans of Digital Princxss immediately pushed back, writing tweets directed at her expressing their disappointment and disgust. Within 24 hours of posting her TikTok refuting the Tweet, Marissa locked all her social media accounts to the public.

Just before she locked her social media, Marissa allegedly posted to her Instagram stories refuting claims her son was removed from her care, but one user points out a “supervising” adult in the background.

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Digital Princxss has been in legal trouble before regarding her former internet handle.

Marissa’s most recent run-in with the law isn’t her first legal battle. In October 2020, Marissa was forced to change her digital handle from “Pokeprincxss” after she tried to trademark the name. The handle was inspired by Nintendo’s PokĂ©mon franchise, so as she began selling merchandise, Nintendo sent a cease and desist letter by the company.

Source: YouTube

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The issue was settled when Marissa decided to re-brand, but that didn’t stop her from making a YouTube video about the situation. Currently, most of Marissa’s social media is private to the public, but it appears she has left her YouTube page untouched.

Hopefully, Marissa’s son is currently in safe hands and the issue is resolved with his best interests in mind.

Source : https://www.distractify.com/p/what-happened-to-digital-princess

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