‘WandaVision’ Episode 9 Leaks: The Season Finale Spoilers

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The season finale of WandaVision drops on Disney+ tomorrow (March 5), and the tension really hasn’t been this high since before The Avengers: Endgame premiered in theaters. After eight episodes that slowly unfurled Wanda Maximoff’s journey after Endgame (as well as her origins), fans will likely lose sleep tonight over what happens in the final episode. Will Wanda battle Agatha Harkness? Will White Vision battle Normal Vision? Will Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) make an appearance?

Theories about Episode 9 of WandaVision have taken over the internet, but so far, nothing is conclusive — though there are some believable leads. 

All the ‘WandaVision’ Episode 9 leaks:

One of the major WandaVision Episode 9 leaks is that Dr. Strange will appear and the episode will set up the premise for Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, which Elizabeth Olsen is starring in. There’s also a theory that Agatha uses Chaos Magic against Wanda and her family, thanks to an image of Agatha yielding red energy. And some also believe that White Vision has Ultron coded in him, thanks to Hayward (who could also be Mephisto, but that’s actually our personal theory).

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Other more detailed leaks have appeared on 4chan, but there’s no way to verify whether there’s any shred of truth to them. Here’s leak one:

“It starts off on the night of the Brady Bunch episode, where Wanda already had her kids. Wanda and Vision have a short conversation about being parents and then it cuts to them a while later being asleep in bed. Shows Wanda having a nightmare as we get flashes of [Aaron Taylor-Johnson] as well as the young version played by the actor we saw playing Pietro in Episode 8.

Cuts to outside in Agatha’s yard, where Evan Peters is being formed in the same way Vision was with the yellow/orange strands. Agatha sees this from her window and goes out to approach him. Peter quickly freaks out and starts speeding around everywhere. Eventually he comes back to Agatha asking her [what] is going on. She seems to kind of put two and two together here and quickly hexes him, bringing him inside. Cuts back to Wanda and Vision where Vision wakes her up, asking if everything is alright. She says it was nothing and she goes back to sleep, while Vision looks at her in a concerning way.”

The other leak claims this will happen in Episode 9 (this one seems the most believable):

“– Quicksilver Evan Peters is NOT from the Fox universe, but is Quicksilver (It will be explained._
– There is no secret cameo of Magneto, Professor X or Reed Richards. (Why would you think that?)
– Monica’s engineer friend is a Skrull. This will tie into Captain Marvel 2 and Secret Invasion.
– Agatha’s Rabbit Scratchy is someone very cool and BAD!l. Will be teased at the end and go into Doctor Strange 2.
– HEX Vision vs Spectral Vision is a thing. (There be no fusing together)
– The battle scenes are insane and CGI is on par with Endgame. Everyone has their moment.
– Very sad episode but very pleasing for a number of reason I won’t spoil.
– Doctor Strange appears and it’s at a very precise moment of the episode that changes the tide.”

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The Dr. Strange leak/theory makes the most sense, since this was a theory made a year ago that allegedly came from a legitimate source. 

There’s also this image of Wanda, the twins, and Vision gearing up for battle that was allegedly leaked (it comes from Reddit). We highly doubt Wanda will be fighting in sweatpants (she’ll probably be wearing her Scarlet Witch gear since her Scarlet Witch identity was such a huge part of Episode 8 — she literally saw herself as the Scarlet Witch before Age of Ultron).

wandavision leak
Source: Disney+

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Lastly, we do know that Evan Peters will probably come back, and that’s coming from the series director himself. “I think there’s a strong possibility you might get a little more of Evan Peters coming up. But how that plays out, I wouldn’t want to say,” Matt Shakman told Fandom.

evan peters
Source: Disney+

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