Turbeazy Takes A Major Step Forward By Establishing His Visual Identity

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There are a lot of things an artist needs to do right to make it big, and one of the most major of those factors emerged over the past decade or so: social media. A creative’s online presence is how most potential fans first see them, so if that part of your branding isn’t strong, it can be off-putting to potential fans. New York rapper Turbeazy is putting in work on the music side of things, but when it comes to social media, he’s lacking.

That’s according to Shawnae Corbett-Rice, an artist manager helping Turbeazy boost his online branding in a new episode of Next Success, presented by Uproxx and Sprite. Being productive doesn’t always mean being polite, so Corbett-Rice was transparent with Turbeazy by telling him that his social media game is “pretty weak.”

Turbeazy was initially surprised by the assessment, but knowing that Corbett-Rice was there to help, he dove headfirst into a photoshoot, a strong first step in helping to establish his visual identity and brand.

So, how did the re-branding effort go? Find out by watching the video above, which also goes more into what Turbeazy is about as an artist. To better get to know Turbeazy and learn about his triumphs over past setbacks, check out the Next Success hub.

Source: https://uproxx.com/music/turbeazy-sprite-next-success/