Travis Scott Announces New Music With A Cheeky Reference To Cheesy ’90s Tabloids

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Utopia season may very well be upon us, as Travis Scott announced the first new music from his hotly-anticipated album on Twitter with a cheeky reference to cheesy ’90s tabloids like Weekly World News. Remember seeing Bat Boy on the grocery store checkout stand? Travis Scott does. Along with his exuberant promise of “SOME NEW MUSIC AT MIDNIGHT,” Travis included cover art inspired by the covers featuring the fictional Bat Boy creature, with Travis photoshopped into the character and a headline reading “THE TRUE DYSTOPIA IS HERE!”

It’s worth noting that November 5 will also kick off the third iteration of Travis’ Houston-based Astroworld Festival, which should be a nice salve for H-Town natives after the Houston Astros lost the Major League Baseball World Series to the Atlanta Braves (gotta be doubly embarrassing to lose to a team with that name, yeesh). In all likelihood, the set will be the first time Travis performs the new music from his long-awaited fourth studio album, which has long been rumored — but never confirmed — to bear the title Utopia. The art from Travis’ announcement seemingly bears out those rumors, although it also suggests that he might have been baiting fans all along for a switch to the opposite.

For fans who can’t attend Astroworld, have no fear; Travis intends to live-stream his solo set on Apple Music.


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