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The first weekend of Premier League action was not short on drama, and Sunday’s game between Tottenham and Chelsea was the wildest of them all.

Chelsea, despite dominating the majority of the game, could only squeeze a point out of the match as Tottenham struck twice with goals out of seemingly nowhere, the final of those coming on a Harry Kane header more than five minutes into stoppage time.

That capped off what was a rather wild game featuring missed chances, missed calls leading to goals, and some altercations on the sidelines between Tottenham manager Antonio Conte and Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel. The two managers got into it after Tottenham’s first goal of the game, which came after what Chelsea felt was a missed foul on Kai Havertz that led to the goal, with Tuchel and Conte bumping chests and having words as the Tottenham manager celebrated the equalizer.

After the final whistle blew, the two went for what everyone assumed would be a tense postgame handshake, but turned into a full blown kerfuffle, with both managers receiving red cards after Tuchel refused to let go of Conte’s hand, pulling him in to go chest-to-chest again and have some words.

It’s as close to an actual coach fight as you’ll get without some actual fisticuffs — which clearly was never in danger of happening as neither coach ever really lifted a hand to possibly hint at escalating things beyond some barking back and forth — and sets the tone for a chippy season between the two rivals.


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